Parish Council Meeting Dates 2024

Parish Council Meetings commence at 19.30hrs and are held in Edenham Village Hall.

There is an Open Forum (10 minutes) prior to the main Parish Council meeting starting, whereby members of the public may ask questions of the Parish Council or make a short statement to the Parish Council in relation to matters on the Agenda. Any new items will be added to the next meeting agenda for discussion. Once the main Parish Council meeting formally commences, members of the public are most welcome to remain but may not speak.

The meeting dates for 2024 are shown below

  • Tuesday 9th  January 2024

  • Tuesday 24th  March 2024

  • Tuesday  21st  May 2024 Annual Parish Council Meeting (including Annual Parish Meeting)  (Date change agreed at the meeting on 12th March 2024). 

  • Tuesday 9th  July 2024

  • Tuesday 10th  September 2024 

  • Tuesday 12th  November 2024


Please contact the Parish Clerk if you have any questions via email -