Equal Opportunities

This Policy was adopted/reviewed by the Council at its Meeting held on Tuesday 10th March 2015

Equal Opportunities Policy

What do we value?

  • We value people from all backgrounds and believe they have a right to be free from prejudice and discrimination.
  • We believe that while people are all different, they have an equal right to benefit from opportunities.
  • We recognise that discrimination can be overt or covert – open or hidden. We endeavour not to discriminate on the grounds of : ability; age; colour; ethnic or national origin; gender; gender reassignment; intellect; marital status; nationality; race; religion or belief; sexual orientation; social or economic status (this is not an exhaustive list)
  • Equality of opportunities is an integral part of what we do, not an after-thought.

How will we do this?

People (members, staff, volunteers and users)

  • We challenge discriminatory comments, and support colleagues in challenging discriminatory comments.
  • We recognise that people on the receiving end of such behaviour may need support.
  • We welcome discussion with people with special requirements to identify how their needs might be met.
  • We make sure anyone providing information about discrimination is not victimised.


  • We ensure that any resources are balanced and reflect the diverse nature of the community.
  • We endeavour to ensure that any resources are as accessible as possible to all abilities/cultures/languages of the community.


  • We endeavour to hold these at a time and place suitable to the majority, if not to all.


  • We respect people’s dietary needs, whether these are cultural, medical or moral.

Employment and volunteering

  • We have a commitment to equal opportunities as part of any job description.
  • We advertise as widely as possible, in accordance with needs and resources.
  • We focus on ability, not disability.
  • We treat all applicants fairly.
  • We regularly review our procedures and application forms for staff and volunteers.
  • Volunteers are as respected and supported as members of staff.
  • We have an induction procedure for staff and volunteers


  • Staff and volunteers are encouraged to attend training relevant to their work.
  • We encourage staff and volunteers to look at their personal/career development.

Disability Discrimination Act

  • We seek advice on making information and premises accessible under the DDA, where it is feasible to do so.
  • We seek advice on recruitment and employment issues as necessary under the DDA.

Monitoring and Reviewing

The make-up of volunteers, staff, users and participants endeavours to be inclusive of the whole community wherever possible.