March 2020 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Edenham Parish Council Meeting Held in Edenham Village Hall on Tuesday 10th March 2020 at  19:30 hrs


Parish Cllrs: Mr R Biggs (Chairman), Mrs A Whadcock, Mrs P Cranfield, Mr D Bradley, Mr T Clarke, Mr A Wilson, Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk). SKDC - Cllr N Robins .

Apologies:Cllrs: Mr A Martin

20/21 1.0 Open Forum Topics/Discussions.

The Chairman welcomed the three members of the public to the meeting, Mr & Mrs Smith and Mr K Alder.

Mr Kevin Alder has applied for the vacant position of Street cleaning, Kevin introduced himself and gave a brief overview of his working life/experience.

Mrs Pat Smith, Edenham Village Hall committee, raised concerns that there is still an outstanding issue in relation renewing of the property lease from Grimsthorpe Estate and associated costs. Parish Clerk to follow up the outstanding issue on behalf of the Village Hall committee.

Mrs P Smith also highlighted the LotterySK, which gives you a chance to win £25K, from every £1 spent the village hall refurbishment programme benefits 50p.

20/21 2.0 Commencement of Parish Council Meeting

20/21 2.1 Apologies, Cllrs: Mr A Martin

20/21 2.2  Approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 14th January 2020 - Minutes approved by Cllr Clarke, seconded by Cllr Cranfield, minutes signed by the Chairman.

20/21 3.0 Request for Dispensation - None received

20/21 4.0 Declarations of Interest: - None received

20/21 5.0 Parish Matters & Update from Previous Meeting

20/21 5.1 - Street Cleaning Vacancy - As mentioned in the open forum Mr Kevin Alder has applied for the Street cleaning role. All Councillors agreed that Mr Kevin Alder be offered the position. Parish Clerk to confirm the offer and  progress employment contract and handover with Mr Larry Clayton.

20/21 5.2 - SID  Update - the unit is currently in position near Copy Lawn Farm. It is also confirmed that the new Highways sign that had previously been blocking the unit by Pillarwood has now been removed by the Highways Dept.

20/21 5.3 - Road Condition - Tumblerow Farm/Scottlethorpe Road - Cllr Hill (LCC)   confirmed on 23/01/2020 (email to Parish Clerk), that Highways have fixed potholes that were previously reported and that jetting has been scheduled for the blocked pipe near Tumblerow Farm. He also confirmed that there are currently no plans to do any major works on the road but it will be patched as necessary to keep it safe.

Further discussions at this meeting by the Parish Cllrs confirmed that whilst some potholes have been patched the road condition has further deteriorated due to the recent wet weather. There is a large area on the road side which is  badly eroded near Tumblerow Farm area, this is giving cause for the safety of vehicles and people using the road. There are also concerns that there is a potential collapsed drain in this area. This will be raised again with LCC and reported via the 'Fix My Street App'.

20/21 5.4 - Gigabyte Voucher Scheme - Cllr Clarke confirmed that Open Reach have been contacted to ask for costs for fibre connections for three businesses and seven residential properties, this is estimated to be £45k, there are grants available which can also be progressed towards this cost. This is still work in progress at present and Cllr Clarke will feedback at the next meeting.

20/21 5.5 - Parish Assets - Update on outstanding assets (Grimsthorpe) - Cllr A Wilson confirmed that the assets in Grimsthorpe are in good condition therefore no works required for the next 12 months. Parish Clerk to update the asset register.

20/21 5.6 - Anglian Water Work - Grass verges damage around Church Lane - Anglian water have been contacted, however, there has been no feedback from them. Parish Clerk to chase Anglian Water for a reply.

20/21 5.7 - Councillor Resignation and Vacant Councillor Position - Following the resignation of Cllr A Martin at the meeting on 14th January 2020, the Chairman highlighted that Cllr Martin has given a considerable amount of time and support over many years to the Parish Council. This was further acknowledged by all Cllrs.

The Chairman and Cllrs agreed that the position for a Councillor in the Parish be placed on Parish notice boards, website and Three Towers Magazine.

2/0/21 5.8 - Hedge/Tree trimming near the BT Exchange in Grimsthorpe - The Chairman reported that the trees around the area have grown very tall and the roots are 

causing problems with the adjacent wall, which is damaged/fallen over. It was agreed by the Cllrs that BT, land owners of this area be contacted by the Parish Clerk to  ask for action to be taken in relation to the trees and the damaged wall.

20/21 5.9 - Local Security - implementation of a 'No Cold Calling Zone' - Information was provided to Cllrs in advance of this meeting to give an overview of the scheme and the requirements for implementation. The scheme is aimed at deterring cold calling, which benefits vulnerable people making them feel more secure in their home. Large 'No Cold Calling' signs will be displayed in the Parish and small yellow door signs will be provided to residential properties. The scheme is run in conjunction with Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police. All Cllrs were in agreement to start the process for implementing the scheme. Information on the processes that must be followed will be supplied to all properties in the next edition of the Three Towers Magazine and via the Parish Website.

20/21 6.0 Planning Matters

20/21 6.1- Application S20/0146 - Featherwell Farm Grimsthorpe -  Parish Cllrs visited the site on 4th March 2020,  Parish Clerk to confirm with SK Planning Dept. to review the detailed plans. Cllrs have no comments to add to the application.

20/21 6.2 - Application S20/0355 - Brudeene, 30 Scottlethorpe Road Erection of porch and internal alterations. Plans have been reviewed by Cllrs, there are no comments to add to the application.

Parish Clerk to complete forms and send to SK Planning Dept on behalf of the Parish Council.

Full details for the above mentioned planning applications can be found on South Kesteven planning application website

20/21 7.0 Financial Matters:

20/21 7.1 Expenditure

LALC Annual Membership - £84.36

LALC Training Course Refreshments - £28.50

Parish Clerk Retirement Gift (£30.00) & Christmas Tree Lights  batteries (£13.93) Total £43.93 (Refund to Mr Biggs) 

Parish Council Admin Costs - £48.95 (Refund to Mr L Clayton)

Parish Clerk Salary & Street Cleaning - £273.22 (N.B. Cheque cancelled due to an error by the new Clerk, this was gross pay which includes HMRC tax).Correct  payments will be detailed in the Parish Council Meeting 12th May 2020.

20/21 7.2 Consolidated Charities Receipts

The Reverend Anthony Barnes Charity - £194.00

20/21 8.0 Correspondence

20/21 8.1 - House of Commons - Parish Council Summit Invite Friday 20th March 2020. Due to the date and time of this summit it is not possible for any Cllrs to attend. Parish Clerk to reply back to the invite.

20/21 8.2 - The Reverend Anthony Barnes Charity - confirmation letter and cheque. Parish Clerk confirmed receipt of the cheque to the Charity.

20/21 9.0 Admin Matters

20/21 9.1 Feedback on flow of information and contact from new Parish Clerk - Councillors agreed that information flow continue as is.

20/21 10.0 Matters for the next meeting

20/21 10.1 Cllr Bradley - Consideration of flower beds/displays in the village.

20/21 10.2 Cllr Cranfield - Refuse and unwanted items collections/removal

20/21 11.0 Confirmation of next meeting date

The next meeting of Edenham Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 12th May 2020 in Edenham Village Hall commencing immediately after the Annual Parish Meeting which commences at 7:30pm.

With there being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.58 hrs.