November 2020 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe

Draft Minutes - Parish Council Meeting 10 November 2020

Attendees - Parish Councillors Mrs Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mrs Whadcock, Mr Bradley, Mr Clarke, Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Lincolnshire County Councillor Mr Hill, South Kesteven District Councillor Mr Robins and Mrs Sands the Parish Clerk.  Members of the public Mr Ray Biggs and Mr David Hawes

20/21 1.0       Open Forum

            20/21   1.1       Parish Councillor Casual Vacancy - Co-option Discussion and Voting 

It was resolved by the Parish Council that Mr David Hawes be co-opted as a Parish Councillor.

            20/21   1.2       Topics/Discussions (as raised by members of the public).

The Vice Chairman welcomed one member of the public to the meeting.

The resident  raised concerns with regard to the number of road signs in the Parish that are damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

The Parish Clerk confirmed that this topic is covered under agenda item 6.3.

As there were no other topics for discussion the Vice Chairman closed the Open Forum and opened the Parish Council meeting.

20/21  2.0      Commencement of Parish Council Meeting.

           20/21   2.1       Apologies for absence & reasons given.

  1. No absence recorded.

           20/21   2.2       Approve the minutes of the last meeting 8th September 2020.

  1. The Parish Council resolved to accept the minutes as a true record. Minutes were signed by the Vice Chairman.

20/21 3.0       Request for Dispensation, as required.

  1. None requested at the moment

20/21 4.0       Declarations of Interest, as required.

  1. Councillor Bradley - Agenda item 7.1 Planning application.
  2. Councillor Wilson - Agenda item 8.5 Village Hall maintenance grant.
  3. Councillor Clarke - Agenda Item 8.5 Churchyard maintenance grant.

20/21 5.0       Coronavirus Support Update from Steam Action provided by Lucie Wilson (Chairman)

  1. Steam Action are still in contact with residents and the team are ready to offer support to anyone who needs it. Some members of the team have also registered with the Red Cross to help in the local areas.

20/21 6.0       Parish Matters & Update from Previous Meeting:

            20/21   6.1       Community Street Cleaning - Update from the Parish Clerk

  1. It was reported at the previous Parish Council meeting that the Community Street Cleaner had found human excrement on the roadside verge. It is confirmed that this is near Copy Lawn Farm, Edenham. It was resolved at the meeting that the Parish Clerk contact the Highways Hygiene team to ask for support.
  2. Signage near Elm Terrace, relating to dropping of litter had recently been damaged and moved from position. This is now back in position.
  3. Fly tipping at the corner of the A151 & the A6121 (Toft/Lound turn), has been reported on South Kesteven District Council online system, ref number 191409.
  4. Parish Councillors raised concerns about the debris that remains at the roadside on the A151 near A6121 junction following the recent accident involving an heavy goods vehicle. It was resolved that the Parish Clerk contact the Highways Dept to ask for this to be cleared.

            20/21   6.2       SID  - Update from the Parish Clerk

  1. The unit has been removed to download and analyse the data, once completed it will be sited at Pillar Wood Farm.  

            20/21   6.3       Damaged Road signs and vehicle speeds in Elsthorpe - Update from Parish                                     Clerk.

  1. Highways Department have been made aware of a number of damaged signs on the A151 between Bourne Woods and Edenham, and Edenham and Grimsthorpe. Ref 4154147. The Highways have responded to confirm that they are aware of this and are currently awaiting replacement signs and associated parts.
  2. As mentioned at the previous Parish Council meeting, a resident in Elsthorpe raised concerns about Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) using the road as a cut through rather than using main roads. The resident has identified the company. Councillors noted that there is no weight limit on this road. And that the speed limit is 60MPH.
  3. It  was resolved that the Parish Clerk write to the HGV company on behalf of the Parish Council.

            20/21   6.4       Gigabyte Voucher Scheme

  1. Unfortunately progress with the scheme has stalled, there has been no contact from the suggested installer despite trying to get in touch with them. This has been referred back to the Onlincolnshire contact to ask for additional support. It was agreed that this item be added to the Parish Council meeting agenda 12th January 2021.

            20/21   6.5       Tree works and wall repairs next to the BT Exchange A151 near Grimsthorpe.

  1. The Parish Clerk received notification that costs for the extensive  tree works have been passed to Senior Management within the company who work on behalf of BT/Openreach. The Project Manager has also engaged with a contractor to quote for the wall repairs. It was agreed that this item be added to the next Parish Council meeting agenda 12th January 2021.

            20/21   6.6       Local Security - Next Steps 'No Cold Calling Zone'

  1. Crime Reduction Enterprise have now positioned the 'No Cold Calling' signs in key positions around the Parishes.
  2. Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards have provided door notices relating to the scheme. The notices will be delivered to every household along with additional supporting information in the next few weeks.

            20/21   6.7       Flower Beds in the village

  1. Councillors raised further concerns in relation to the proposal for any type of structure being placed by the village signs due to limited space and the number of accidents that have occurred on the A151 recently.
  2. Councillors  agreed that alternative locations should be looked at, this item will be added to the agenda for the Parish Council meeting 12th January 2021. 

            20/21   6.8       New Parish Website.

  1. The Parish Clerk gave an update on progress for the work to input information on to the new website. It is confirmed by Lincolnshire County Council that the current website will be removed at the end of December 2020.
  2. The new website will have new features relating to cookies, accessibility and readability.

            20/21 6.9         Privacy, Accessibility and Cookie Policies.

  1. The new policies were shared with Councillors in advance of the meeting. It was resolved that all of the Policies be accepted.

            20/21   6.10     Play Area Third Party Inspection.

  1. Wicksteed Leisure confirmed that the annual site inspection would be carried out on 9th November 2020, the report is expected to be received by the Parish Council within one week of the site visit.  

            20/21   6.11     Parish Council Internal Play Area Check.

  1. The play area check had been completed and the report was shared with the Councillors in advance of this meeting.
  2. The Junior swing seat which was identified on the previous bi-monthly check as showing signs of surface splits has not deteriorated further.
  3. Following the UK Government announcement on 31st October 2020 of a second lockdown period, the Parish Clerk confirmed that the play area is permitted to  remain open.
  4. Parish Council COVID 19 signage confirms that the use of the play area is at your own risk and the signage is on display in the Parish Council notice board near the play area.
  5. The Parish Council risk assessment relating to the use of the play area during COVID 19 has been reviewed and confirmed that the hazards and controls identified are still appropriate.

            20/21   6.12     Annual Christmas Carols and Christmas Tree.

  1. Due to Covid 19 the annual Carol Singing by the Christmas tree has been cancelled this year.
  2. The Christmas tree in Edenham village, near Church Lane will be in place as usual and we would like to thank Grimsthorpe Estate for donating a tree.

            20/21   6.13     Parish Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting minutes are currently hand written into a minute book and processed electronically. It was resolved at the meeting that the Parish Clerk stop hand writing of meeting minutes and continue with the electronic version only. 

20/21 7.0       Planning Matters

            20/21   7.1       Application S20/1400- Home Farm Grimsthorpe.

  1. The Parish Council feel that the planning application will be beneficial in landscape terms.
  2. The Parish Council have asked SKDC Planning Officer for more details in relation to the height and colour of the four feed silos and the specification of the tree planting scheme. 

20/21   8.0       Financial Matters:

            20/21   8.1       Receipts         Community Street Cleaning Grant from SKDC         £453.44

            20/21   8.2       Expenditure              

                                                            Play Area, annual inspection                                     £72.00 (Inc.VAT)

                                                            Parish Council Admin costs - Total                            £25.91

                                                           £18.00 Printer Cartridge

                                                           £3.35 Ream of A4 Paper

                                                           £4.56 Stamps

            HMRC 3rd Qtr 2020/21 (Payment Dec 20)                                                               £45.40                     

          Community Street Cleaning 3rd Qtr   (Payment Dec 20)                                            £181.32                      

         Parish Clerk 3rd Qtr salary     (Payment Dec 20)                                                         £162.36          

           20/21   8.3       Bank Reconciliation Report

  1. Treasurers Account Balance (27.10.20)                                                                      £3041.77
  2. Business Account Balance (08.11.20)                                                                         £3440.03

           20/21   8.4       Proposed Budget 2021/22

  1. The Parish Council resolved to accept the proposed budget for 2021/22 as prepared by the Parish Clerk.

           20/21   8.5       Annual Maintenance Grants - Churchyard and Village Hall.  

  1. Following discussions at the meeting in relation to the amount of money to  be paid for the maintenance grant, the Parish Council resolved  to pay £400 to the Churchyard and the Village Hall.

           20/21   8.6       Edenham Consolidated Charities - Christmas Gift

  1. This item is separate to the Parish Council meeting, therefore it was not discussed.

           20/21 8.7         PAYE - Parish Clerk to update

  1. The Parish Council have received a letter from HMRC in relation to a credit on the PAYE account. This is due to an over payment of tax by a Parish Council employee from a previous employment. This should have been processed at the end of the tax year 2019/20 via PAYE system. The credit is now in process of repayment by HMRC.
  2. There have also been a problem obtaining a P45 for an ex Parish Council employee.
  3. It was resolved at the meeting that professional help be sought in relation to the PAYE issues         .

           20/21   8.8       Engagement of Financial Auditor for 2020/21

  1. The Parish Clerk made the Councillors aware that as Mrs Marshall is now a Parish Councillor a new auditor will need to be engaged to fulfil the legal requirement.
  2. The Parish Clerk has engaged with a resident who has experience in financial audits and he has volunteered his services. It was resolved at the meeting that the Parish Council accept this kind offer.       

20/21 9.0       Correspondence (Information was shared with Cllrs in advance of this meeting).

            20/21   9.1       Welland Rivers Trust Community Engagement - Getting involved with your local river. Cllr Whadcock will be carrying out water quality checks.

           20/21   9.2       Finding Fitness, Sports Holiday Club

  1. Following a review of the information supplied and the costs associated with this proposal, it was resolved at the meeting that the Parish Council are unable to support it.

           20/21   9.3       Edenham Consolidated Charities eligibility for Amazon Smile Campaign.  

  1. This item is separate to the Parish Council meeting, therefore it was not discussed as part of the meeting.

20/21   9.4       Village Hall Committee Amazon Smile Campaign

  1. The Village Hall Committee are asking for local support, if you purchase from the online retailer please add the Village Hall as the chosen charity, they will receive 0.5% of the purchase.  

20/21 10.0     Next meeting date, Tuesday 12th January 2021, at 19.30 hour. Venue to be confirmed.

Councillor Hill (Lincolnshire County Council) updated the Parish Council, in relation to the continued works to repair the potholes within our Parishes and confirmed that the issue of flooding and drains near Tumblerow Farm is being investigated. Councillor Hill said that digging and clearing of ditches by Landowners and Councils is key to prevent flooding.

Matters arising for the next Parish Council meeting, Councillor Wilson spoke about the vacant position on the Village Hall Committee for a Treasurer. This will be added to the Parish Council meeting agenda 12th January 2021.

As there was no other business the Vice Chairman Council