July 2020 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

On 4 April2020,the government brought The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Meetings) (England) Regulations 2020 into force to allow local authorities to conduct meetings remotely.

Minutes of the Edenham Parish Council Meeting Held Via Zoom Platform on Tuesday 14th July 2020 at  19:30 hrs. 

Present: Parish Cllrs: Mrs P Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mrs A Whadcock, Mr D Bradley, Mr T Clarke, Mr A Wilson, Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk), Mrs M Marshall.

20/21 1.0 Open Forum, Topics/Discussions (as raised by members of the public).

The Vice Chairman welcomed Mrs Marion Marshall to the meeting, Marion has expressed an interest in the casual councillor vacancy.

As there were no other members of the public on the Zoom meeting platform the Vice Chairman closed the Open Forum and opened the Parish Council Meeting

20/21 2.0 Commencement of Parish Council Meeting

20/21 2.1 Apologies for absence - Mr R Biggs (Chairman), Cllr N Robins(SKDC)

20/21 2.2  Approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 12th May 2020 - Cllr Clarke, proposed, that the minutes be signed as a true record, Cllr Bradley seconded, Vice Chairman signed the minute book.

20/21 3.0 Request for Dispensation , none requested

20/21 4.0 Declarations of Interest, none requested

20/21 5.0 Coronavirus Pandemic Support

Information from Edenham and Grimsthorpe Steam Action - Lucie Wilson (Chairman) We are still keeping in touch with those over 60 in the parish, some more than others. A lot had families to help out, or were still happy doing their own shopping. Picking up prescriptions and shopping has definitely slowed. We are still sending out our birthday cards and vouchers, along with get well cards when we hear of someone who is ill or in hospital. 

20/21 6.0 Parish Matters & Update from Previous Meeting

20/21 6.1 - Street Cleaning Update - Mr K Alder started in the role of Community Street cleaner on 1st June 2020. He has settled into the role, is getting used to the areas which need to be covered and there have been no issues to date. Cllr Whadcock reported that there is an increase in litter the field entrance near Elm Terrace on Scottlethorpe Road, this appears to be, being used by delivery drivers for breaks. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk place notices in this area relating to the correct disposal of litter.

20/21 6.2 - SID  Update - the unit was moved on 6th July 2020 to the position opposite the church. Nothing exceptional to report from the recent data. The Parish Clerk reported that Pillarwood Farm location is slightly obscured by the village sign and will look to see if the unit can be made more visible.

20/21 6.3 - Road Condition - Tumblerow Farm/Scottlethorpe Road - Information has been supplied to Highways Dept in relation to the area where is it believed there is a collapsed drain around Tumblerow Farm. Highways Dept have confirmed that they will investigate, the Parish Clerk is currently awaiting feedback from them.   

A polite reminder that anyone can raise issues of potholes in the local areas via the 'Fix My Street' App.

20/21 6.4 - Gigabyte Voucher Scheme & Quantum Air Fibre Optic - Cllr Clarke reported that progress with BT is slow but still ongoing and he will keep trying to progress with them. With regard to Quantum Air fibre optic information was distributed to every property in Edenham. There is a minimum requirement to have 19 properties in the scheme and currently only ten residents have expressed an interest in this option since the delivery of the information. Cllr Clarke agreed to engage with Quantum Air to see if they can offer support so that more information can be provided to residents to see if the interest increases.

20/21 6.5 - Anglian Water, sewage works access - Damage to grass verges -

Feedback 13/07/20 - A representative from Anglian Water transport has carried out a site visit to Edenham and has made the following proposal - vehicles approaching on the A151 from Bourne for routine sludge collection the best option is for access via Church Lane. Whilst this is a single track road there is less traffic and avoids most of the village.

In the event of an emergency tanker situation with multiple tankers running then a one way system would be the answer with lorries accessing the works via Church Lane, as above, and then exiting the works by turning right at the top of the Anglian Water concrete road, down the top part of Church Lane past the village Hall on the right and left on to School lane, back to the A151. School Lane is a wider road but 

there are more chances of parked cars, pedestrians due to the school and the need to bump up kerbs and damage grass verges. Hence why it is only recommended for use in Emergency Tanker situations. 

20/21 6.6  Councillor Casual Vacancy - Co-option - Mrs Marshall has joined the meeting tonight to understand more about the work and meetings of the Parish Councillors.

20/216.7 Hedge/Tree trimming near the BT Exchange in Grimsthorpe - 19/06/20 Reply from Mr Macbay (Grounds Operations East of England) - Quotes from contractors have been requested , once agreed the work will commence to deal with the trees followed by the wall repair. Parish Clerk is currently awaiting further information for planned works and timelines.

20/216.8 - Local Security - implementation of a 'No Cold Calling Zone' - As agreed at the previous meeting the process for implementing the scheme was put on hold until  lockdown controls were eased/lifted. The Parish Clerk will commence the process canvassing residents via the Three Towers magazine.

20/21 6.9 - Flower Beds by the village signs - Highways Dept. have confirmed details  which must be achieved prior to planning permission being granted for any such structures, one requirement is that the Parish Council must have public liability insurance, for a limit of indemnity not less than £5 million, to cover all liabilities that may arise under the Letter of Consent. Cllr Clarke raised concerns about the limited space near the village signs, Cllr Wilson agreed. Cllr Clarke suggested that rather than have a structure it might be possible to plant flowers/bulbs at ground level. Cllr Cranfield highlighted the fact that  there would be additional costs in relation to the purchase of the structure, plants  and ongoing maintenance, Cllr Bradley offered to carry out the maintenance if this was progressed. It was agreed by the Cllrs. that a site visit would be worthwhile and this would be discussed again at the next meeting.

20/216.10 New Parish Website - Parish Clerk has log in details for new website and will start to migrate information from the current website. Further details will be shared as this work progresses and once it is live

20/21 6.11 Grimsthorpe Village sign (west side) - Parish Clerk has contacted the Highways Dept.

20/216.12 Parish Council Meeting - Looking forward (Coronavirus Controls) - The Parish Clerk highlighted that once face to face meetings are permitted and if social distancing is required the room used for the Parish Council meetings will not be suitable due to size and number of people attending the meetings. Cllr Wilson confirmed that the Village Hall Committee do not have a date for re-opening, and they are not expecting to open until September. It was agreed that this be discussed at the next meeting in September,  which will be held via a virtual platform, e.g. Zoom.

20/216.13 Play Area Inspections and Risk Assessment for Re-opening - The play area is inspected on a bi-monthly basis by Cllr Whadcock, when previously inspected there were no issues to report. A risk assessment for the play area has been completed by the Parish Clerk in-line with the Health and Safety and Government guidance.

Signage relating to Covid 19 controls will be displayed in the area advising Parents, Guardians and users of the play equipment that they do so at their own risk and the of the points below should be implemented

1. Stay safe and stay alert

2. Please maintain social distancing

3.No food and drink to be consumed in the play area

4. Dispose of litter and PPE correctly or take it home

5. Use of hand sanitiser frequently during and after using play area/equipment

6. Wash hands as soon as possible

20/21 6.14 Councillor contact details - All Councillors confirmed that the details held by the Parish Clerk are correct.

20/21 6.15 Review Parish Council Policies and Orders. Parish Clerk to review these,  Cllrs will provide feedback/comments before final approval and signing by the Chairman. The documents will then be moved onto the new Parish website.

20/21 7.0 Planning Matters

20/21 7.1 Application S20/0383 - The Piggery, Grimsthorpe Estate, Swinstead - Demolition of existing agricultural/storage structures and construction of new estate yard comprising sheds for storage of plant equipment, agricultural/estate vehicles, machinery and materials, with workshops and welfare facilities.

The Parish Clerk has not received any further information in relation to this application and the points raised by the Parish Council. The SKDC planning 

website/application website has been checked and it states that the final decision has not been made. The Parish Clerk confirmed that notifications of planning meetings for planning applications which affect our Parishes are sent out from SKDC, these meetings are currently being held via Zoom platform. Information to be shared with Cllrs. when this application is on the planning meeting notification

Full details for all planning applications can be found on South Kesteven planning application website - http://www.southkesteven.gov.uk.

20/21 8.0 Financial Matters:

20/21 8.1 Receipts 2020/21

Community Street Cleaning Grant paid by SKDC - £453.44 (the second payment later in the year will be reduced due to the role not being filled until June 1st 2020).

20/21 8.2 Expenditure - 2020/21

Zurich Insurance Renewal Notice - (2020/21) £250.26 (agreed at the May meeting)

LALC Training Subscriptions - £90.00 (agreed at the May meeting)

HMRC 1st Qtr 2020/21 - £11.20

Community Street Cleaning 1st Qtr (Mr Alder) - £45.48

Parish Clerk 1st Qtr salary (Mrs Sands)  - £162.36

20/21 9.0 Correspondence

20/21 9.1 Free Active Holiday Clubs for Children - Cllrs agreed that due to the limited number of children in the villages and current controls due to Covid 19 that this would not be progressed. Parish Clerk to contact the company to advise of the decision of the Parish Council.

20/21 9.2 Welland Rivers Trust Community Engagement - Cllr Biggs already carries out some tasks relating to river conditions. Cllr Whadcock expressed an interest in this, it was agreed that this be carried over to the next meeting to gain more information from Cllr Biggs.

20/21 10.0 Confirmation of next meeting date

The next meeting of Edenham Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 08th Sept 2020, 19.30hrs in Edenham Village Hall,(Coronavirus permitting) at 7:30pm.

With there being no further business the Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55 hrs.