January 2020 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Edenham Parish Council Meeting Held in Edenham Village Hall on Tuesday 14th January 2020 @  7:30 pm

Present: Councillors: Mrs A Whadcock, Mrs P Cranfield, Mr R Biggs (Chairman), Mr A Martin, Mr D Bradley, Cllrs: Mr T Clarke, Mr L Clayton (outgoing Parish Clerk), Carole Sands (new Parish Clerk).

Apologies: Councillors Mr A Wilson, Cllr N Robins(SKDC), Cllr M Hill(LCC).

20/21 1.0 Open Forum.

As there were no members of the public present the Chairman closed the Open Forum and opened the Parish Council Meeting.

20/21 2.0 Parish Council Meeting

20/21 3.0 Minutes of last meeting:

Read. Proposed and agreed by Chairman Cllr Biggs and Vice Chair Cllr Cranfield, that the minutes be signed as a true record.

20/21 4.0 Requests for Dispensations:

None recevied

20/21 5.0 Declarations of Interest:

None Recieved

20/21 6.0 Update from Previous Meeting

i. - Street Cleaning. - The outgoing Parish Clerk will continue with this task until the end of this Financial Year. Vacancy to be advertised on the Parish Council website and Three Towers Magazine. 

ii. - SID Update – Currently at Edenham (near Pillarwood). Unfortunately a new Highways road sign is now obscuring the unit in this location. The Highways Dept. have been contacted, correspondence has been received back from them in relation to the new signage. In the short term it has been agreed that this location will not be used until changes to the signage have been made by the Highways Dept.

iii. Highways defects previously reported to LCC by Councilllors - Parish Clerk to contact Cllr M Hill (LCC) to ascertain progress on Scottlethorpe Road conditions by Tumblerow Farm. Reminder that the Fix My Street App is available to all for reporting defects in the parish. 

 iv. Gigabyte Voucher Scheme, Cllr D Bradley and Cllr T Clarke Feedback – Local businesses and parishioners contacted to date are interested in this scheme. Cllr T Clarke to contact Mr S Brookes (Onlincolnshire) on progress and next steps. Update at the next meeting in March 2020.

20/21 7.0 Council Clerk

The Chairman and Parish Cllr's thanked Mr L Clayton for his work and support during his 20+years as Parish Clerk.

Introduction & welcome –New Parish Clerk. The handover and training from outgoing Parish Clerk has been completed and changes made as necessary to contacts, website etc.

Accounts have been independently audited and confirmed as accurate. Accounts now with incoming Parish Clerk. 

20/21 8.0 Christmas Tree and Carol Singing

Councillor Cranfield reported that the evening was again a success and was enjoyed by all despite the awful weather conditions. Special thanks go to Grimsthorpe Estate and the Forestry Team for donating and installing the Christmas tree, Steam Action Team (Carols), and Heath Cranfield (use of field and installation of tree lights).

Parish Clerk to contact Grimsthorpe Estate to thank them for the tree and ongoing support.

Councillor D Bradley raised the discussion of planting a Christmas tree for the future; however, there were a number of concerns raised such as appropriate location, maintenance of the tree and potential health and safety issues.

It was agreed by all Councillors that Carol Singing continue in December 2020.

20/21 9.0  Financial Matters: Cheques signed prior to the meeting

i.  -  HMRC PAYE 3rd Qtr. 2019/20 - £78-60p

ii. -  Mr Clayton - Salary 3rd Qtr. 2019/20 - £314.14p

iii -  Mrs Whadcock – reimbursement for refreshments (carol singing) - £58.82p

20/21 10.0 Parish Assets

i. - Cllr A Wilson – asset condition to be confirmed.

ii. – All other assets are generally in good condition, with minor DIY required, e.g. ivy removal.

iii. - Asset register spreadsheet to be updated and maintained by the Parish Clerk.

20/21 11.0 Correspondence:

Various correspondences were reviewed.

i. -‘Thank You’ Cards from Charity vouchers

ii. - South Kesteven Local Plan 2011-2036 – Notice of Publication of the Inspectors Report

20/21 11.0 Other Business

Cllr A Martin - Served advance notification of his intention to stand down as a Cllr in May 2020.

Cllr P Cranfield reported; that Edenham Parishioners have raised concerns about the conditions of the grass verges around Church Lane and associated areas. It was observed that this coincides with the large vehicles attending the sewage plant whilst works are taking place. Parish Clerk to contact Anglian Water.

20/21 12.0 Next Meeting:

The next meeting of Edenham Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 10th March 2020 in Edenham Village Hall commencing at 7:30pm.

With there being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.25  pm.