Parish Council Meeting 14th November 2023

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe

To all Council Members of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe and Scottlethorpe Parish Council. You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the above-named Council to be held in Edenham Village Hall, Church Lane, Edenham on Tuesday 14th November  2023, commencing at 19:30 hours. The business to be transacted at the meeting is as follows:

Public Open Forum : A period of 10 minutes when members of the public may ask Councillors questions or make short statements to the Parish Council. Any new items will be added to the next Parish Council meeting.

District Council & County Council update: (if applicable)

Commencement of the  Annual Parish Council Meeting

1. Apologies: If applicable

2. Approval of Minutes: From 12th September 2023 meeting.

3. Request for dispensation: If required

4. Declaration of interest: If required.

5. Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting.  

5.1 Carol Singing Event Update: Parish Clerk & Councillor Cranfield

5.2 Footpath Improvement Works: Councillor Clarke reference proposed letter to   Highways and Councillor Martin Hill

6. New Meeting Matters.

6.1 Councillor Email Addresses: Legal requirement  

6.2 Anglian Water Leak: Main Street Edenham

6.3 Drainage Map: Lincs County Council

6.4 Village Planting: Ornamental Hazel (near Copy Lawn & Edenham Road)

6.5 Grass Verges: Damage caused by diversion during Anglian Water work

6.6 School Parking: Coal Yard Frontage, then reversing out on to Main Street. 

7. Play Area Information: Councillor Treacy & Parish Clerk

8. Planning Matters: (If applicable)

9. Financial Matters

9.1 Receipts: (If applicable)

9.2 Expenditure: Since last meeting.

          Salaries & HMRC Payments:

           Play Area Annual Inspection:

9.3 Expenditure: (Due November & December to be agreed)

            Maintenance grants:  Village Hall & Church Yard

            Salaries & HMRC Payments:  

9.4 Bank Reconciliation Report:

9.5 Precept 2024/25: SKDC request for this by 19th January 2024

10.Correspondence: (If applicable)

                        Lincs & Nott Air Ambulance: Newsletter

                        Parish Council Engagement session: Lincs Police 7th December 2023

                        Linc Police: Priority setting feedback form

                        Notification of footpath closure: Scottlethorpe Rd and Dollans Lane

                        SKDC Recycling changes: Small purple bin for paper and cardboard

                        SKDC Polling review

                        Parish Clerk Vacancy

                        SKDC Street Naming & Numbering Processes

                        Community Emergency Planning & Ready For Anything Volunteer Event :Wednesday 22nd November (Lincoln)

    11.Next Meeting Date: 9th January 2024 at 19:30hours

Agenda displayed Monday 6th November 2023