14th November 2023 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe.

Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting: 14th November 2023 at 19:30 hours.

Attendees: Parish Councillors Mrs P Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mr A Wilson, Mrs M Marshall, Mr D Hawes, Mrs M Avis & Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk).

Public Open Forum : As there were no members of the public present at the meeting, the Chairman closed the open forum.

District Council & County Council update: There were no Councillors in attendance.

Commencement of the Parish Council Meeting.

1. Apologies: Mr T Clarke (Chairman) & Mrs A Treacy

2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from meeting 12th September 2023 were accepted as a true record, proposed by Councillor A Wilson, seconded by Councillor .Mrs M Avis.

3. Request for dispensation: If requested.

4. Declaration of interest: Agenda point 9.3 Councillor A Wilson (Village Hall) & Mrs Marion Marshall (Church Yard)  

5. Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting.

5.1 Carol Singing Event Update: This event is taking place 19th December 2023 starting at 18:30 hours. Grimsthorpe Estate have very kindly agreed to supply the Christmas Tree, we look forward to seeing you all on the evening when  mince pies and mulled wine will be served.

.5.2 Footpath Improvement Works: All Councillors present agreed the content of the proposed letter from Councillor T Clarke, it was agreed that this be sent to Highways and Councillor Martin Hill.

6. New Meeting Matters.

6.1 Councillor Email Addresses: In line with the mandatory requirement in the external audit and Practitioners guide 2023/24 it was agreed that the Parish Clerk set up Council email addresses for all Councillors.

6.2 Water Leak, Main Street Edenham: This has previously been reported to Anglian Water however there has been no action taken. Concerns were raised that this could be a potential danger to motorists when the colder frosty weather arrives. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk report this again.

6.3 Drainage Map: Parish Clerk contacted Lincs County Council to report the issue of no drains marked for our villages, however, the Parish Clerk has not received any further correspondence from them.

6.4 Village Planting: Parish Council Chairman Mr T Clarke reported that the Ornamental Hazel trees (in the tyres near Copy Lawn & Edenham Road) have been cut back by unknown person(s).

6.5 Grass Verges: There have been complaints from residents regarding the substantial damage caused to the roads and grass verges between Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe and Edenham caused by vehicles during the recent road closure when Anglian Water (Pipeline project) were carrying out work on the A151. Parish Clerk to write to Anglian Water Pipeline, Highways and Lincolnshire County Councillor Martin Hill to make them aware of the complaints and damage. Concerns were also raised about the location of the actual road closure barriers and the lack of support in the villages to prevent HGV's reaching the road closure area, which once again resulted in HGV'S reversing or using residents driveways to turn around.

6.6 School Parking: Parents have once again reverted to parking on the old coal yard frontage and are reversing out on to Main Street which the Council consider to be very dangerous. Parish Clerk to contact the Headmaster to raise concerns and advise that the Village Hall car park is available for parents to use.

7. Play Area Information: The Parish Clerk contacted three contractors to quote for works required and is currently waiting for the quotes to arrive. Review again next meeting when quotes are available.

8. Planning Matters: (If applicable)

9. Financial Matters

9.1 Receipts: Awaiting the SKDC community street cleaning grant.

9.2 Expenditure: Since last meeting.

Salaries & HMRC Payments: £412.66

Play Area Annual Inspection: £90

9.3 Expenditure: (Due November & December to be agreed)

Maintenance grants:  Village Hall £300 agreed, Church Yard  £300 deferred to the next meeting

Salaries & HMRC Payments:  £412.86 agreed

9.4 Bank Reconciliation Report: Treasurers account £3574.61 Business account £3468.57

9.5 Precept 2024/25: SKDC request confirmation of precept requirements by 19th January 2024. Agreed to review at the next PC meeting 9th January 2024.

10. Correspondence:

Lincs & Nott Air Ambulance: Newsletter

Parish Council Engagement session: Lincs Police 7th December 2023 Linc Police: Priority setting feedback form

Notification of footpath closure: Scottlethorpe Rd and Dollans Lane

SKDC Recycling changes: Small purple bin for paper and cardboard

SKDC Polling review

Parish Clerk Vacancy

SKDC Street Naming & Numbering Processes

Community Emergency Planning & Ready For Anything Volunteer  Event: Wednesday 22nd November (Lincoln)

11. Next Meeting Date: 9th January 2024 at 19:30hours

Vice Chairman closed the meeting 20:10hrs




Draft minutes posted 20th November 2023