11th July 2023 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe.

Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting: 11 th July 2023 at 19:30 hours.

Attendees: Parish Councillors Mrs P Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mr A Wilson, Mrs M Marshall, Mrs A Treacy, Mr D Hawes, & Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk).

1. Public Open Forum : As there were no members of the public present at the meeting, the Vice Chairman closed the open forum.

2. District Council & County Council update: There were no Councillors in attendance. Commencement of the Annual Parish Council Meeting

3. Apologies: Mr T Clarke (Chairman) & Councillor Mrs M Avis.

4. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from meeting 16th May 2023 were accepted as a true record, proposed by Councillor Mr A Wilson, seconded by Councillor Mrs A Treacy.

5. Request for dispensation: If requested.

6. Declaration of interest: If requested.

7. Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting.

7.1 Christmas Carol singing event: The date will be agreed at the next meeting when all Councillors are present.

7.2 Lincs Police Speed Awareness signs: A number have now been installed around the village by the Parish Clerk

8. New Meeting Matters.

8.1 Monthly Parish Coffee Gathering: This item will be covered at the next meeting when Councillor Avis is in attendance.

8.2 Five Bells Public House Garden: Parish Clerk has contacted the company that are dealing with the lease to ask that action is taken to tidy the garden.

9. Play Area Information: Councillor Treacy reported several posts require attention, along with areas of matting, concrete and grass. The damaged matting is believed to be because of the grass cutting, Councillor Wilson to contact the contracted company. The Parish Clerk confirmed that the annual inspection is booked for August. It was agreed that we should wait this report and then action any necessary works.

10. Planning Matters: No new applications therefore nothing to discuss.

11. Financial Matters

11.1Receipts: Nothing to report

11.2 Expenditure: Agreed at the May meeting. Parish Clerk, Community Street cleaning salaries & HMRC PAYE: Paid June 2023 total £412.66

11.3 Expenditure: (Due July & August agreed) Parish Council Admin: VAT form postage & cable ties for speed signs total £4.59 payable to the Parish Clerk Play Area Annual Inspection: Estimated £100

11.4 Bank Reconciliation Report: Treasurers Account (30th June 23) £4,163.52, Business account £3,455.76

12. Correspondence: Offer of free litter picking kits, Parish Clerk to follow up.

13. Next Meeting Date: 12th September 2023 at 19:30hours.


Draft minutes displayed 17th July 2023