July 2019 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Edenham Parish Council Meeting Held in Edenham Village Hall on Tuesday 9th July 2019 @  7:30 pm

Present: Cllrs: Mrs A Whadcock, Mr R Biggs (Chairman), Mr A Wilson, Mr T Clarke, Mr D Bradley,  Mr L Clayton (secretary). Cllr M Hill(LCC), Cllr N Robins(SKDC).

Apologies:Cllrs: Mr A Martin, Mrs P Cranfield

2019/20 1.0  Open Forum

As there were no members of the public present the chairman closed the Open Forum and opened the Parish Council Meeting.

2019/20 2.0 Parish Council Meeting

2019/20 3.0 Minutes of last meeting:

Read. Cllr Wilson proposed, seconded Cllr Whadcock, that the minutes be signed as a true record. Agreed.

2019/20 4.0 Requests for Dispensations: None requested

2019/20 5.0 Declarations of Interest: None requested

2019/20 6.0 Update from Previous Meeting

i.  Cllr's Report - Cllr Whadcock - Potholes along Scottlethorpe Road repaired.

ii.  Yellow Bicycles received from SKDC to promote the forthcoming Bourne CiCle Event in August. Cllr Biggs to install at: Grimsthorpe Village sign(by Grimsthorpe House), Edenham Village signs (Pillarwood and Copylawn Farms).

iii.  Street Cleaning - Ongoing.

iv. SID - equipment re-located to Grimsthorpe (Ivy Cottages)

2019/20 7.0 Pre- Planning Radio Telecoms Mast

Letter received from Clarke Telecom ref the proposed installation of a mobile communication radio mast - Elsthorpe Road, Edenham. Initial comments about confusion of location        detailed on limited enclosed paperwork. Formal planning application via SKDC is underway which will clarify location and full details of the site etc so that a full assessment can be made by the council.

2019/20 8.0 Financial Matters

Cheques signed prior to meeting:

            i.  HMRC - PAYE 1st Qtr 2019/20 - £78.40p

            ii  Mr L Clayton - Salary 1st qtr 2019/20 -£314.34p

2019/20 9.0 Village Hall Hire 2019/20:

New hire agreement paperwork received from the Village Hall Secretary for the year. It was agreed that this should be signed by the Clerk and returned

2019/20 10.0 Steam Action -Commemorative Benches

Secretary reported, Steam Action Committee still want to purchase the benches but cannot get insurance cover. It was requested if these could be included on the Parish Council's policy. This would incur a minimal cost but would necessitate the items being held under the council's ownership. It was agreed that Steam Action be requested to provide a written undertaken to transfer ownership of the benches to the council along with agreement that they will be responsible for installation (including Highways Dept authority) and any ongoing routine/remedial maintenance works. Cllr Whadcock to action:

2019/20 11.0 Correspondence

Various correspondences were studied. Cllr Biggs to follow up the Onlincolnshire Broadband Programme offer of Broadband Gigabit Voucher Scheme

2019/20 12.0 Other Business

Cllr Wilson reported; the play surface at the children's play area damaged during field grass cutting. Installation contractor to be contacted to assess situation.

Cllr Biggs reported;  the recent 'Baston Car & Bike Show' held at Grimsthorpe Castle had been a great success with the traffic management working very well with little disruption to local traffic.

Cllr M Hill(LCC) gave a brief update on Lincolnshire County Council, with the Rural Fare Share Funding campaign for rural councils still being lobbied at Central Government, although the 'Brexit' situation was delaying progress.

Cllr N Robins(SKDC) reported; He has taken over the portfolio for Planning and Planning Policy, where a review of the planning system is to take place; the new cinema in Grantham opens on the 19th July; council striving to deliver projects that are underway and develop future projects

2019/20 13.0 Next Meeting - The next meeting of Edenham Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 10th September 2019 in Edenham Village Hall commencing at 7:30pm.

With there being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8:50pm.