July 2021 Agenda

To all Council Members of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe and Scottlethorpe Parish Council. You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the above named Council to be held in Edenham Village Hall, Church Lane, Edenham on Tuesday 13th July 2021,  commencing at 19:30 hours. The business to be transacted at the meeting is as follows:
Parish Council Meeting Agenda
1.Public Open Forum - A period of 20 minutes when members of the public may ask Councillors questions or make short statements to the Parish Council. Any new items will be added to the next Parish Council meeting
1.1.Lincolnshire County Council update from Councillor Mr M Hill (5 minutes if in attendance)
1.2.South Kesteven District Council update from Councillor Mr N Robins (5 minutes if in attendance)
2.Commencement of the  Annual Parish Council Meeting
2.1.Resignation of Cllr D Bradley - Councillor Casual Vacancy
2.2.Apologies - Councillor Clarke
2.3.To approve as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting 11th May 2021.
3.Request for dispensation - If required
4.Declaration of interest - If required
5.Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting
5.1. Community Street cleaning - Parish Clerk
5.2. Speed Indicator monitor - Parish Clerk
5.3. Gigabyte Voucher Scheme - Councillor Clark
5.4. Openreach/BT Exchange Grimsthorpe - Wall repairs & tree cutting. - Parish          Clerk
5.5. Flower Beds - Up keep following the resignation of Mr Bradley. - Parish Clerk
5.6. Waste Water issues Pillarwood Farmhouse/A151 - Parish Clerk
5.7. Adopt a telephone box for £1 scheme - This will be covered in the public forum if the members of the public requesting this are in attendance.
5.8. Street lighting on Church Lane - Parish Clerk
5.9.  Dog walking on the playing fields - Councillor Wilson
5.10.Benches - Village Hall (Steam Action) - This will be covered in the public forum if there is representative present from Steam Action.
5.11.Mobile Library - Parish Clerk
5.12.Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth ll - June 2022
6.New Parish Council Matters
      6.1 Boundary Review - Proposal to change boundaries - This item may be covered in the Open Forum/Lincolnshire County Council Update
      6.2 Anglian Water - Strategic water pipeline update
7.Play Area Information  
7.1.Parish Clerk update on works to the play area
7.2.Councillor Treacy update from latest inspection
7.3.Annual Inspection - Discuss and agree on service supplier for 2021
8.Planning Matters
8.1.New applications - None received at this time.
8.2.Planning Decision Notices - Updates
Planning Application No
The installation of a 20m monopole supporting 3 no. antennas, 2 no. equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto including 1 No. GPS module
Install a green bedding system comprising a 5m x 5m piece of plant equipment adjacent to slurry store and construction of a 30m x 30m dirty water lagoon
Extended programme of various (ongoing) masonry repairs to walled garden
Decision Awaited
9.Financial Matters
9.1.Receipts -
Community Street Cleaning Grant  Apr/Oct                         £463.32
VAT Refund 2020/21                                                            £  42.00
9.2 Expenditure - Paid as agreed at May meeting
      Zurich Insurance                                                           £313.51
      Street Cleaning Salary 1st Qtr                                      £181.52
      Parish Clerk Salary 1st Qtr                                           £162.36
      HMRC PAYE 1st Qtr                                                     £  45.20
9.3 Expenditure - Due for payment
      Play Area refurbishment costs                                   £1368.00 + VAT
9.4 Bank Reconciliation Report
      Treasurers Account (as of 4th July 2021)                  £3889.23   
      Business Account (as of 4th July 2021)                     £3440.27
10.1 SK Community Awards - Closing date 18th July 2021
10.2 Road Closures commencing 12th July - Highways
10.3 Lincolnshire Police - Working with Communities Letter
10.4 Lincolnshire Youth Commission Service Recruitment
10.5 Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth ll - Lighting Beacons
11.Next Meeting Date - 14th September 2021 at 19:30hours
Agenda displayed 5th July 2021 by Parish Clerk