January 2021 Minutes

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe

Minutes - Parish Council Meeting 12 January 2021.

Attendees - Parish Councillors Mrs Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mrs Treacy (formally Whadcock), Mr Bradley, Mr Clarke, Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Mr  Hawes, Carole Sands (Parish Clerk) & Lincolnshire County Councillor Mr Hill.

1.0  Public Open Forum - As there were no members of the public present on the zoom meeting, the Vice Chairman closed the open forum.

1.1   Councillor Hill, Lincolnshire County Council update

The Highways department are continuing to patch the potholes on Scottlethorpe Rd, further repairs have been carried out week commencing 10th January. The pothole repairs on Church Lane are       also planned to take place.  Polite reminder anyone can report potholes using the website link shown below, this link is also available on the Parish Council website.

FixMyStreet (lincolnshire.gov.uk)     

The damaged signs between Bourne Wood, Edenham and Grimsthorpe have been reported to Highways and replacement/repairs are awaiting completion.  

Covid vaccinations are going well and the priority order is being followed for the role out in the area.

1.2  South Kesteven District Council

Councillor Robins is in contact with Highways department to ensure that the debris on the road side following the road traffic accident on A151 near the Toft/Lound turn is cleared.

2.0  Commencement of Parish Council Meeting.

2.1   Apologies - Councillor Robins, South Kesteven District Council.

2.2  The Parish Council resolved to accept the minutes as a true record for the meeting on 10th November 2020, this was proposed by Councillor Wilson and seconded by Councillor Clarke.     

3.0   Request for Dispensation - None requested

4.0   Declarations of Interest - None requested

5.0   Coronavirus Support Update from Steam Action provided by Councillor Tracey (Whadcock)

 Following the introduction of the new lockdown the team members have contacted people to ensure that they are okay and to ask if there is any support that they might need.

  Christmas hampers were delivered to eligible people in the parishes, there have been many positive messages received from the recipients.  

6.0   Parish Matters & Update from Previous Meeting:

6.1   Community Street Cleaning, the Parish Clerk reported an increase in the amount of litter being disposed of  on the lanes and roads around the parishes. The grass verge near Copy Lawn Farm      Edenham continues to be used as an area for HGV parking and human excrement is still a problem in this area.

6.2   Speed Indicator Display - Update from the Parish Clerk.

This was moved on Sunday 10th January and is now opposite the Church in Edenham. It has been reported that HGV's drivers passing through the traffic lights are driving up and along             pavements, not only is this is a danger for people, but the pavement edge kerb stones are also damaged. This was previously reported to Highways a number of years ago, it was agreed that the   Parish Clerk should contact them again to raise this issue.

6.3   Damaged Road signs and vehicle speeds on Scottlethorpe Rd - As reported by Councillor Hill, the Highways department are aware of the damaged signs and are working to repair or         replacement.

 A resident on Scottlethorpe Rd has reported a near miss with a delivery van which was travelling up the road, the property is located in the 30mph area. The resident has asked if additional signs can    be put in place to remind drivers of the speed limit or if the speed indictor display can be placed in this area. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk contact the Highways department to make them aware  of the near miss and seek advice.      

6.4  Gigabyte Voucher Scheme for rural areas, Councillor Clarke confirmed that Openreach have not responded to any of his emails. This is very frustrating and he has again contacted Onlincolnshire to make them aware of the situation and to see if they can offer any support. This will remain on the agenda for the next meeting 9th March.

6.5   BT Exchange in Grimsthorpe, the Parish Clerk reported that the company who look after the grounds on behalf of Openreach are still awaiting a decision on the work to repair the damaged wall   and to deal with the trees. This will remain on the agenda for the next meeting 9th March.

6.6  Flower Beds in the village, in advance of the meeting Councillor Bradley shared photographs of potential areas for flower beds and suggested the use of tractor tyres as an alternative to a             wooden or other hard structure. Photographs of tractor tyres used for flower beds  were also shared.

Planning permission will be required from the Highways department for any structures, it was resolved that the planning applications be progressed by the Parish Clerk. The two areas agreed to be progressed with the Highways, are the grass verge by Copy Lawn Farm this could also help to discourage and reduce the issues currently reported in this area. The second area is the wide grass verge on A151 near the Grimsthorpe sign prior to the start of the Symphonic Gardens from Edenham direction. It was resolved that due to Covid restrictions, Councillor Bradley will host any site visits with the Highways. This will remain on the agenda for the next meeting 9th March.

6.7  The Parish Clerk reported that the new Parish Website is now live, there are some areas which are currently still under development. As part of the process for implementation the Parish Clerk        received training support from a volunteer. Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils have asked if any Parish Councils would like to make a donation to a Charity for the support that has been offered by the volunteer, it was resolved by the Parish Council that a donation of £15 be made via LALC. The Parish Council website address and link is shown below:

 Homepage – Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe and Scottlethorpe Parish Council lincolnshire.gov.uk)            There are many other useful links on the website.

6.8  Play area external and internal inspection reports, following receipt of the external inspection by   Wicksteed Leisure, Councillor Hawes has looked at the hedgerow and has confirmed that this has  no plants/trees that could seriously harm a child. The main source of any berries would be hawthorn. The trees along the path are Crab apple trees. They again are not dangerous apart from             the seeds of the crab apple. Children would need to consume a lot of these seeds to become unwell. Councillor Hawes volunteered to recheck the hedgerow again in March and also to clear the            path in Autumn when the fruits drop from the tree to prevent the path from becoming slippery. Councillor Hawes advised that several play areas have signs near the entrance which display any risk when using the play area. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk contact other Councils to see if they have signage in place. This will remain on the agenda for the next meeting 9th March.

Councillor Treacy, inspected the play area on 27.12.2020 and reported that there was no evidence of dog fouling around the play area, one of the wooden posts on the low balance beam has a very   slight flex in it, however, it is not loose. There is a cap missing on one of the swing chain steps, this is not impacting on safety it is a concern that ice and/or water can ingress into the area.  Councillor Cranfield agreed to look at this to see if the cap can be purchased locally.     

6.9   Christmas Celebrations, unfortunately we were not able to hold the annual Christmas Carol singing this year due to Covid, however, we were pleased to have the Christmas tree in the field. We would like to thank Grimsthorpe Estate for donating the tree and to Heath Cranfield for use of the field.

6.10  Village Hall, Councillor Wilson (Village Hall Chairman) gave an update on the current situation in relation to the management committee. A temporary treasurer is now in place, however, to ensure the long term future of the village hall additional support is still very much required.

Councillor Wilson confirmed that the village hall is a Parish Council asset, which the village hall committee run on behalf of the Parish Council. It was agreed that going forward the village hall      management committee will have an agenda item on future Parish Council meetings. The Parish Clerk was asked to confirm the legal requirements that must be reported as part of the agenda item.        

7.0    Planning Matters

7.1    Application S20/1400- Home Farm Grimsthorpe, the planning committee meeting held on 23 Dec 2020 confirmed that the application is approved conditionally.

8.0   Financial Matters:

8.1     Receipts - PAYE Tax Refund  has been received from HMRC, this is due to the Parish Clerk.                             

8.2    Expenditure                                                                                                                             £

                                                Parish Council Admin costs Total - (see breakdown below)              26.10  

                                               Envelopes £6.60 & Printer Ink Cartridge £19.50

                                               Christmas tree lights batteries Payable to Cllr Cranfield)                   14.36  

8.3  Bank Reconciliation Report 

                                  Treasurers Account Balance (11.01.21)                                             1,754.78

                                               Business Account Balance (11.1.21)                                                  3,440.09

8.4  Precept proposal for 2021/22 - Following the budget prepared by the Parish Clerk for the forthcoming financial year and using the SKDC calculator, a precept figure of £2950.00 would be         sufficient to meet the financial costs. This figure means that there is no increase from 2020/21 precept. Councillor Clarke proposed we accept the figure, Councillor Cranfield seconded it, the Parish Council resolved to accept it.

8.5  Finance audit, the Parish Council accounts were audited in December 2020 by the appointed independent auditor. The accounts were confirmed to be in order.

9.0  Correspondence

9.1  Christmas Vouchers - Following the delivery of the vouchers by Edenham Consolidated Charities a number of 'Thank you' cards are been received from the recipients.

9.2  No cold calling scheme, the Parish Clerk has received telephone calls to thank the Parish Council for progressing this throughout the Parishes.

10.0  Next meeting date, Tuesday 9th March 2021, at 19.30 hour. Venue or Zoom information to be confirmed.

There being no other business the Vice Chairman Councillor Cranfield closed the meeting at 20.42


The draft minutes were posted on the website 14th January 2021.

On 9th March 2021, the minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting held on 14th January 2021