11th January 2022 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Due to the current increase in numbers of Covid cases linked to the Omicron variant the meeting was held via the zoom platform. Members of the public were asked via the agenda which was posted on the Parish Council website and Parish Council notice boards that if they wished to join the meeting that they contact the Parish Clerk in advance of the date via email or telephone so that the link can be sent directly to them. The email address and telephone numbers are also available on the website and notice boards.


Parish Council Meeting Minutes 11th January 2022

Attendees - Parish Councillors Mrs Cranfield (Chairman), Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Mr Clarke (Vice Chairman), Mrs Treacy, Mr Hawes, Mrs Avis and Mrs Sands (Parish Clerk).

1.1.Public Open Forum - As there were no members of the public on the zoom meeting the Chairman closed the open forum.

1.2.Lincolnshire County Council update - Councillor Mr M Hill (not in attendance)

1.3.South Kesteven District Council update - Councillor Mr N Robins (not in attendance)

2.Commencement of the Parish Council Meeting

2.1.Apologies - Not Applicable.

2.2.Approval of Minutes - The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting held 9th November 2021. Proposer - Councillor Clarke, Seconded - Councillor Wilson. Printed minutes to be signed by Chairman.

3.Request for dispensation - None requested

4.Declaration of interest - None requested.

5.Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting

5.1.     Community Street cleaning - We are continuing to report fly tipping within the Parishes to SKDC for removal.

5.2.     Speed Indicator monitor - The data needs to be downloading this will be shared at the next meeting.

5.3.     Community Speed Watch - The Parish Clerk confirmed that there has been no progress, it was agreed that further discussions take place at the next meeting.

5.4.     Gigabyte Voucher Scheme - Councillor Clarke confirmed that the cost of approx. £47k remains and whilst there is some funding available the full costs cannot be achieved.  Councillor Clarke will continue to monitor the situation and report back if additional funding becomes available in the future.

5.5.     Openreach/BT Exchange Building Grimsthorpe - New quotations are required due to the previous ones having expired, once available this will be presented to BT/Openreach for final approval.

5.6.     Mobile Post Office - The Parish Clerk is currently waiting for confirmation on when this service will be reinstated.

5.7.     Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth ll 3rd - 5th June 2022 - There has been no progress to date and it was agreed that this be discussed at the next meeting.

5.8.     Christmas Carols & Christmas tree event 14th December 2021 - Parish Council Chairman Councillor Pam Cranfield confirmed that the number of attendees was lower than in  previous years, however, those that attended enjoyed the evening. The Parish Council would like to thank Steam Action members for their support on the evening and for leading the  Carol singing.

5.9.     Coal Yard Frontage, Main Street Edenham - This area is looking much better following work completed by Grimsthorpe Estates, the stone trough flowerbed is in position and this has helped to restrict vehicle parking.

5.10. Parish Council Laptop & Hard Drive - The Parish Council agreed to the purchase of a new laptop, the current laptop is several years old and does not support new systems and  technologies.

6. New Parish Council Matters

6.1    Scottlethorpe Road Resurfacing  - Whilst the works on the road were welcomed there was considerable disruption and it was disappointing that the Parish Council, residents and  businesses affected had not received written confirmation in advance of the planned works. The Parish Clerk was asked to contact the Highways Department o make them aware of  the issues experienced.       

7. Play Area Information 

7.1        Internal Inspection - Councillor Treacy reported that there are some areas where the soil and grass has eroded around some posts, one post is also showing signs of deterioration.  It was agreed to review this again prior to the next meeting.

7.2        Play Area Signage - The Parish Clerk shared signage information from a play area outside of Lincolnshire, this gave information on the location and ownership of the play area. The Parish Council agreed to discuss this again at the next meeting.

8.Planning Matters

8.1.     New applications  - No new applications have been received If applicable

9.Financial Matters - Update from Parish Clerk

9.1.Receipts - SKDC Community Street Cleaning Grant             £463.32

9.2   Confirmed Expenditure - Paid as agreed at November (2021) meeting

       Street Cleaning Salary 3rd Qtr         31st Dec 2021   £181.52

       Parish Clerk Salary 3rd Qtr              31st Dec 2021   £162.36

       HMRC PAYE 3rd Qtr                       31st Dec 2021   £  45.40

9.3   Bank Reconciliation Report

            Treasurers Account (4th Jan 2022)          £1837.09

            Business Account (4th Jan 2022)            £3440.45

9.4  Expenditure - Due for payment  January/February 2022

       Carol Singing Expenditure for Mulled wine, mince pies and batteries for the Christmas lights -  £46.16  receipts to be passed to the Parish Clerk for reimbursement to Chairman Councillor Cranfield .

9.5   Precept & Budget 2022/23 - The Parish Council reviewed the budget prepared by the Parish Clerk, it was agreed the precept remain at £2950.00 for the next financial year.                    

10.   Correspondence

10.1      SKDC Salt Bags

10.2      Keep Britain Tidy Campaign

10.3      Thank You Card - Christmas Vouchers

10.4      Grimsthorpe Estate - Advance notification of a planning application for Main Street, Edenham.    It was agreed that the Parish Clerk contact Mr Coup to arrange a site visit for the Parish Council.

11.   Next Meeting Date - 8th March 2022 at 19:30hours, Venue to be confirmed later depending on Covid.

12.   Meeting Dates 2022 - 10th May, 12th July, 13th September and 8th November 2022.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.06hours

The minutes were posted 14th January 2022 at 15:40 hours     


The minutes were approved as a true record at the meeting Parish Council  held on 15th March 2022.  The meeting due to take place 8th March 2022 was postponed due to a number of Councillors not being able to attend the meeting and therefore we would not meet the legal requirements of quoram.