10th May 2022 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe Draft Minutes for the Annual Parish Council Meeting 10th May 2022.

Attendees - Parish Councillors Mrs Cranfield (Chairman), Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Mr Clarke (Vice Chairman), Mrs Treacy, Mr Hawes, Mrs Avis and Mrs Sands (Parish Clerk).

1. Acceptance of Office

1.1. Election of Officers Chairman - Mr Tim Clarke Proposed by Councillor Treacy, Seconded Councillor Hawes. All Councillors approved Vice Chairman - Mrs Pam Cranfield, Proposed by Councillor Treacy, Seconded Councillor Hawes. All Councillors approved.

2. Public Open Forum – There were no members of the public in attendance.

3. Commencement of the Annual Parish Council Meeting

3.1. Apologies - Not required

3.2. The draft minutes were accepted and approved as a true record from the meeting held on 15th March 2022. Minutes signed by the Vice Chairman Councillor Cranfield. Approver - Councillor Wilson, Seconded - Councillor Treacy.

4. Request for dispensation – None required

5. Declaration of interest - None required

6. Parish Clerk - Update

6.1. Community Street cleaning - Parish Clerk confirmed that the first half year payment (April to September 2022) is currently awaited from SKDC.

6.2. Speed Indicator monitor & Community Speed Watch – Speeding vehicles continue to be an issue through Edenham, the Parish Clerk is working through funding opportunities to enable the purchase of the equipment required to carry out Community Speed Watch sessions. If any residents are interested in volunteering for these sessions, please email the Parish Clerk Edenham.pc@gmail.com. Full training will be provided.

6.3. Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Tree - The Parish Council resolved to set aside £85 for the purchase of a tree. The variety and location of planting will be decided at the meeting in July 2022. The Parish Clerk advised that planning permission maybe required depending on the location.

7. New Parish Council Matters

7.1. Grimsthorpe Proposed Development Old Coal Yard & School Lane - The presentation by Mr Harry Coups, from Grimsthorpe & Drummond Castle Trust Limited during the Annual Parish meeting was attended by 17 members of the public. If anyone has further comments or questions, please contact the Parish Clerk via email Edenham.pc@gmail.com or contact Mr Coups direct.

8. Play Area Information

8.1. Inspection Report - Councillor Treacy completed the inspection and reported that some of the smaller posts are showing signs of movement. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk get a quote for replacement posts.

9. Planning Matters

9.1. New applications - The Parish Council had no comments to add to the applications

Planning Application No Proposal Location

S22/0239 Addition of solar PV panels and air source heat pumps to flat roof. Installation of Electric Vehicle charger Grimsthorpe Castle, Main Road, Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, PE10 0LZ

S22/0230 Hybrid Planning Application for the proposed Grantham to Bexwell potable water Pipeline Scheme with full planning consent sought for 95 kilometres of pipeline and 4-kilometre spur, and outline consent for associated above ground Pipeline Between Ancaster and Bexwell, Norfolk Parish Council of Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe & Scottlethorpe infrastructure at Elton and Welby Heath with all matters reserved except for access.

S22/0695 Certificate of lawful development Froling 200 Biomass Boiler for heating the Farmhouse and Grain Store for drying grain. Pastures Hill Farm Edenham Rd, Bourne

9.2. Planning Appeals Notification - Appeal is with the Planning Inspectorate.

Planning Application No Proposal Location S21/0641 The installation of a 20m monopole supporting 3 no. antennas, 2 no. equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto including 1 No. GPS module Grass Verge on Main Street(A151)Between Grimsthorpe And Edenham, Grimsthorpe, PE10 0NG

The Parish Council have sent representations to the Planning Inspectorate due to the proposed location which is only a few feet away from the curtilage of Grimsthorpe Castle, a Grade 1 listed building, at the end of the drive to a Grade 11* listed building, the Gardeners Cottage, and adjacent to the boundary of a garden and parkland listed in Historic England’s Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest. The monopole would be in an open area, beside a main road and it be visually intrusive from these important listed properties. Concerns were also raised about the lack of communication from the Company proposing the application.

10. Financial Matters

10.1 Receipts - Annual precept £2950.00 has been received from SKDC.

10.2 Expenditure - Agreed at the last meeting and paid in April.

LALC Membership & Training Fee (agreed March meeting) £187.14

The Parish Council agreed the payments which are due prior to the next meeting.

Zurich Insurance Policy £317.63 (Due 1st June 22)

Parish Council Admin - Ink Cartridge (£31.19) Parish Council Admin - Postage VAT Form (£1.49)

Clerk & Street Cleaning Salaries 1st Qtr (Due End June 22)

10.3 Bank Reconciliation Report

Treasurers Bank Account (31st March 2022) £ 342.86

Business Bank Account (31st March 2022) £ 3,440.54 

10.4 Annual Accounts/Internal Audit - The Parish Council accepted and approved the accounts and the audit conducted by the internal auditor.

10.5 AGAR Exemption Certificate - Forms completed during the meeting, the Parish Council resolved to accept and approve this. Chairman and Parish Clerk/RFO signed and dated the forms.

10.6 AGAR Section 1 - Forms completed during the meeting, the Parish Council resolved to accept and approve this. Chairman and Parish Clerk/RFO signed and dated the forms.

10.7 AGAR Section 2 - Accounting Statements for approval - Forms completed during the meeting, the Parish Council resolved to accept and approve this. Chairman and Parish Clerk/RFO signed and dated the forms. The AGAR forms are available on the Parish Council website along with the Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (EXEMPT AUTHORITY). Website - Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe and Scottlethorpe Parish Council (lincolnshire.gov.uk)

11. Correspondence

11.1 Monkey Challenge Climbing Wall - No further action required.

11.2 Dance Your Cares Away - No further actions required

11.3 Best Kept Village Competition – Villages are automatically entered.

12. Next Meeting Date - 12th July 2022 at 19:30 hours, Edenham Village Hall

Draft Minutes posted by the Parish Clerk at 12.43 hours 11th May 2022