27th September Parish Council Meeting Minutes


Draft Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting 27th September 2022.

Attendees: Parish Councillors Mr  Clark (Chairman), Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Treacy, Mrs Avis and Mrs Sands (Parish Clerk).


1.Public Open Forum: As there were no members of the public present, the Chairman closed the open forum and opened the Parish Council meeting.

  1. Commencement of the Parish Council Meeting:

2.1 Apologies: Councillor Mr D Hawes & Mrs P Cranfield (Vice Chairman)

2.2 Approval of Minutes: Minutes from 12th July 2022 meeting were approved as a true record by the Councillors present at the meeting.

  1. Request for Dispensation: None Requested

  2. Declaration of Interest: None Requested

  3. Update from the previous meeting - Parish Clerk and Councillors

5.1 Community Street cleaning: nothing to report

      5.2 Speed Indicator monitor: nothing to report

      5.3 Platinum Jubilee Village: At the time of this meeting Councillor Wilson is still awaiting the costs for framing.

6. New Parish Council Matters:

      6.1 Christmas Carols & Christmas Tree: Provisional date 6th December 2022, Parish Clerk to contact Heath & Pam Cranfield  to check if the field can be used and ask Grimsthorpe Estate if they will donate a          Christmas tree.

     6.2 NALC & LALC Civility & Respect Project: Parish Clerk to draft a policy on behalf of the Parish Council for approval at the meeting 8th November 2022.  

     6.3 LALC New website: This website is now fully operational and the Parish Clerk is inputting the Parish Council contact information.

     6.4 TRS Building Grimsthorpe: Tree height reduction Parish Clerk is awaiting information from BT/Openreach.

     6.5 Pillar Wood Farm: Anglian Water have carried out planned works, the Parish Council  will monitor the situation during the next few months to ensure the works have been successful.

7. Play Area Information:

7.1 Internal inspection: Councillor Treacy raised concerns about some areas where animals have burrowed near the play equipment exposing concrete. Parish Clerk to contact the contractor to get a quote for works.

7.2 ROSPA Annual Inspection Report: Parish Clerk to get quotes from the contractor for any issues noted in this report.

8. Planning Matters:

8.1 New applications: Nothing to discuss as there are currently no new planning applications.

9. Financial Matters:

9.1 Receipts: Nothing to report

9.2 Expenditure: Due September 2022

HMRC 2nd Qtr Payment £45.40

Community Street Clean 2nd Qtr salary £181.32

Parish Clerk 2nd Qtr Salary£171.00

      External Play area Inspection £84.15

Platinum Jubilee Photo: Costs £49 confirmed by Councillor Wilson (28th Sept)

9.3 Bank Reconciliation Report:

      Treasurers Account Balance: £3168.66 

Business Account Balance: £3440.92

10.Correspondence: Various

Anglian Water: Reservoirs & Pipeline updates

 Highways: Temporary traffic restriction- Lound, Grimsthorpe, Elsthorpe, Edenham, Bulby, Irnham & Ropsley

 External Auditors: Procurement exercise is underway to appointment  auditors for the next 5 years from 2022  

Polling Station Review: Consultation changes and recommendations do not affect our Parishes.

11. Next Meeting Date: 8th November 2022 at 19:30 hours



Minutes displayed 30th September 2022