8th November Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting 8th November 2022.
Attendees: Parish Councillors Mr T Clarke (Chairman), Mrs P Cranfield (Vice Chairman), Mr A Wilson, Mrs M Marshall, Mrs A Treacy, Mrs M Avis, Mr D Hawes and Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk). Councillor M Hill ( LCC).
1.Public Open Forum: There were no members of the public present at the meeting. Councillor Martin Hill gave a brief summary from Lincolnshire County Council. Covid numbers are currently declining, Covid booster and flu vaccines are available in local       areas. The Boundary Commission proposal which was mentioned earlier this year has not been finalised, with further reviews are being undertaken.
2.Commencement of the Parish Council Meeting:
2.1 Apologies - None required.
2.2 The minutes from the previous Parish Council meeting (27th September 2022) were accepted as a true record. They were signed by the Chairman.
3.Request for dispensation: None required
4.Declaration of interest: None required.
5.Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting:
5.1 Community Street cleaning: Fly Tipping reported to SKDC, this was in a similar area to previous incidents along Hanthorpe Road.
5.2 TRS Building Grimsthorpe: The conifer trees have been reduced in height, however, they have not been shaped as expected. Parish Clerk to contact BT/Openreach to make them aware that the works carried out by the Parish Council.
5.3 Christmas Carols & Christmas Tree: This event is taking place 15th December 2022 starting at 18:30 hours. Mince pies and mulled wine will be served, Carol sheets will be provided by Steam Action, we look forward to seeing you all on the evening.
5.4 Civility & Respect Policy: The Councillors agreed to the policy and agreed that the Parish Clerk progress this.
5.5 Pillar Wood Farm: Drainage, there have not been any issues reported during recent rainfall. Monitoring will continue during the winter months.
6.New Parish Council Matters:
6.1 General drainage in the village: The drains on Main Street, Edenham are blocked with silt which results in flooding when there is rainfall, Councillor Hill agreed to look into the issues and report back to the Parish Council.
7.Play Area Information: 
7.1 Inspection Report: Parish Clerk has offered to look at filling holes around posts and reseeding the areas. The Parish Council agreed to the expenditure cost for soil and grass seed.
8.Planning Matters:
8.1.New applications: There have been no new planning applications. The Parish Council received two notifications for changes to existing approved plans (May 2021) for the art galleries at Grimsthorpe Castle. 
9.Financial Matters:
9.1.Receipts: Community Street Cleaning grant from SKDC Oct 22 - Mar 23). £463.32
9.2.Expenditure: Due November/December 2022
            HMRC 3rd Qtr Payment £45.20
            Community Street Clean 3rd Qtr salary £181.52
            Parish Clerk 3rd Qtr Salary  £171.00
            Platinum Jubilee Photo: Costs confirmed £49.00 (Paid September)
            Grants: The Parish Council agreed to give grants for the Church Yard & Edenham Village Hall maintenance £300 each
      9.3 Bank Reconciliation Report:
            Treasurers Account Balance £3134.70
            Business Account Balance £3441.07
10.Correspondence: Various
                 10.1 SKDC Precept for 2023/24 - Completion due 20th January 2023
                 10.2 LALC subscriptions 2023/24 - Training Scheme £5 increase per electorate banding. LALC membership 4% increase.
                 10.3 SKDC Cost of Living Leaflet - Parish Clerk to post on the PC website.
                 10.4 Christmas Carol Service In aid of St John's ambulance: This is being held on 11th December at 6pm, at Grimsthorpe Castle tickets are limited.
11. Next Meeting Date: 10th January 2023 at 19:30hours
Draft minutes displayed 10th November 2022