12th July Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting 12th July 2022.
Attendees - Parish Councillors Mr Wilson, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Treacy, Mr Hawes, and Mrs Sands (Parish Clerk). The meeting was Chaired by Councillor Wilson.
1.Public Open Forum – There were no members of the public present.
2. Apologies - Mr Clarke (Chairman), Mrs Cranfield (Vice Chairman) & Mrs Avis.
3. Request for Dispensation - None Requested
4. Declaration of Interest - None Requested
5.Update from the previous meeting
5.1 Community Street Cleaning - Nothing new to report
5.2 Archers Report March 2022 - The Archers report (Monitoring Dates 23/03/22 to 29/03/22) received from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership states that the results of the survey together with an analysis of the collision data show that the criteria required for either fixed or mobile speed camera enforcement is not met. Analysis of the speed data showed that the average speed of vehicles was 34.9mph. The speed data showed evidence that some vehicles were exceeding the speed limit at a speed that would make the driver liable to action or prosecution by the Police. The full details of the report and the data sent is available on the Parish Council website.
It was agreed that the Parish Clerk contact them for further details and to share more details of the speeds recorded via the monitoring equipment that we use.
5.3 Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting -Following much discussion the Parish Councillors voted against the planting of a tree, several factors influenced this decision, e.g., weather conditions/survival rate, location of planting and costs to purchase and maintain.
6. Platinum Jubilee Village Photograph - Mr & Mrs M Smith have very kindly donated the photograph taken as part of the celebrations at the Village Hall. The Parish Council have agreed to pay for the framing and a commemorative wording in line with the others on display at the Village Hall internal entrance hall.
7. Play Area Update
7.1 Internal Inspection - Councillor Treacy reported that soil is being disturbed near the small swings, however, it is not confirmed what is causing this.
7.2 External Inspection - The Parish Clerk confirmed that ROSPA have been booked again for this year’s inspection.
8. Planning
8.1 New Applications - No new applications have been received.
8.2 Planning Appeals - The Parish Council have received notification that the Planning Inspectorate have agreed that the 20M monopole and supporting equipment can be installed on the grass verge on Main Street, Edenham.
9. Financial Matters
9.1 Receipts
SKDC Community Street Cleaning Grant - £463.32
HMRC VAT Refund £366.05
9.2 Expenditure
VAT Form Postage costs £1.49
HMRC 1st Qtr Payment £45.20
Community Street Cleaning 1st Qtr Salary £181.52
Parish Clerk 1st Qtr Salary £171.00
9.3 Bank Account Reconciliation
Treasurers Account £3202.10
Business Account £3440.66
10. Correspondence
10.1 Grimsthorpe & Drummond Castle Trust Limited - Letter thanking the Parish Council for time allocated as part of the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2022.
11. Next Meeting Date – 13th September 2022 Edenham Village Hall at 19:30 hours.
There being no other business Councillor Wilson closed the meeting at 20:00 hours
Draft minutes posted 13th July at 15.16 hours by the Parish Clerk