15th March 2022 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Attendees - Parish Councillors Mr  T Clarke (Vice Chairman), Mr A Wilson, Mrs M Marshall, Mr D Hawes, Mrs M  Avis and Mrs C Sands (Parish Clerk).
1.0        Public Open Forum - As there were no members of the public present the Vice Chairman closed the open forum and commenced the Parish Council meeting .
1.1        Lincolnshire County Council update - Councillor Mr M Hill (not in attendance)
1.2        South Kesteven District Council update - Councillor Mr N Robins (not in attendance)
2.0        Commencement of the Parish Council Meeting
2.1        Apologies Accepted - Councillors Mrs P Cranfield (Chairman) & Mrs A Treacy.
2.2        Approval of Minutes - Approval of Minutes - The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting held 11th January 2022. Proposer - Councillor Wilson, Seconded -                           Councillor Marshall. Minutes signed by the Vice Chairman.
3.0        Request for dispensation - None requested
4.0        Declaration of interest - Councillor Wilson (Agenda item 9.4e) and Councillor Clarke (Agenda item 9.4d) Expenditure - Village Hall & Church Maintenance.
5.0        Parish Clerk and Councillors update from previous meeting
5.1        Community Street cleaning - Fly tipping reported to SKDC near Gunborough Woods on Edenham Road.
5.2       Speed Indicator monitor - Recent data from the speed monitor located near the church recorded 107,987 vehicles, of this count 10% of the vehicles were recorded at speeds of 35                 to 95 mph.
5.3        Community Speed Watch - Parish Clerk to invite a Councillor from another local village to attend Edenham Parish Council meeting to discuss the process of setting this up.
5.4        Openreach/BT Exchange Building Grimsthorpe - Works to reduce the height and reshape the  conifer trees has been agreed, the date for this work has not been confirmed.
5.5        Mobile Post Office - Work is still ongoing to restore this service, once the date is confirmed local residents will be informed.
5.6        Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth ll - 3rd - 5th June 2022, the Parish Council  are investigating the purchase and planting of a tree to mark this special event.                      Councillor Hawes will progress this on behalf of the Parish Council.
5.7       Scottlethorpe Road Resurfacing - The Highways Dept contacted the Parish Clerk and apologised for not notifying the businesses and residents in advance of this work.
            Potholes  Main Street, Edenham -  The large pot holes by the traffic lights have been reported several times to the Highways Dept. Councillor Hill Lincolnshire County Council has                  also been notified.
5.8        Mobile Library Service - This service has now been suspended due to low number of users.
6.0        New Parish Council Matters
6.1        Parish Council and Councillor email addresses - Parish Clerk to look into the process of changing email addresses however this must be at cost neutral to the Parish Council.
7.0        Play Area Information 
7.1        Internal Inspection - Councillor Treacy has carried out an inspection and confirmed that there is no change from the previous inspection. Parish Clerk awaiting formal written report.
7.2        Play Area Signage - It was agreed that the Parish Clerk prepare a laminated A4 sheet which details the location of the play area and ownership of the play area.
8.0        Planning Matters
8.1        New applications – S22/0239/LBC/MJB/PC1, Grimsthorpe Castle addition of solar PV panels and air source heat pumps to flat roof and the installation of an electric vehicle                           charger. The Parish Council had no comments to make on this application.
8.2        Planning Appeal: The Parish Council have been made aware that the application made by Cornerstone & Telefonica Ltd (in 2021) for the installation of a 20m monopole supporting                 3 no. antennas, 2 no. equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto including 1 No. GPS module on the grass verge, Main Street (A151), between Grimsthorpe and                             Edenham PE10 0NG has been appealed to the Secretary of State against the Council’s refusal of planning permission.            
9.0        Financial Information 
9.1        Receipts - Nothing to report
9.2        Confirmed Expenditure - Paid as agreed in January (2022) meeting
            Christmas Tree lights batteries & Carol singing food/drink           £46.16
            LALC Training new councillor (non attendance fee)                      £13.50
9.3        Bank Reconciliation Report
            Treasurers Account (1st March 2022)                                          £1837.09
            Business Account (1st March 2022)                                            £3440.45
9.4        Expenditure - Payments due in March
a)Street Cleaning Salary 4th Qtr                                                    £181.52
b)Parish Clerk Salary 4th Qtr                                                         £162.36
c)HMRC PAYE 4th Qtr.                                                                 £  45.40
d)Church Maintenance Grant (2021)                                               £300.00
e)Village Hall Maintenance Grant (2021)                                         £300.00
 It was agreed by the Parish Council that the above payments due in March be paid, the grants paid to the Village Hall and Church for maintenance this financial year have been set at £300 this was proposed by Vice Chairman Mr Clarke and seconded by Councillor Mr Wilson & Mr D   Hawes.
9.5        Expenditure due in April & before May meeting 2022 – (Discuss and Agree)
a)LALC Training Membership (2022/23)      £102.00 (inc VAT)
b)LALC Membership (2022/23)                  £  85.14
It was agreed by the Parish Council the LALC training membership be paid for the year, following the suggestion by the Parish Clerk that new Councillors and existing Councillors could        attend the Councillor training sessions as part of this membership.
10.0      Correspondence
10.1      Grimsthorpe Estates have invited the Parish Council to a site visit to review the plans for development of the former coal yard on Main Street Edenham. Parish Clerk to finalise details              for this visit.
11.0      Annual Parish Meeting & Parish Council Meeting - Both of these meetings will take place 10th May, at 19:30 hours in Edenham Village Hall. Councillor Wilson to book Village Hall              main hall for the meetings.
            Residents are invited to attend the meetings, the Parish Council meeting will commence after the Annual Parish Meeting.
12.0      2022 Meeting Dates - 12th July, 13th September and 8th November 2022.
There being no further business the Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 20.32 hours
Draft minutes posted on website 17th March 2022 at 12.11 hours
Minutes approved as a true record at the Parish Council Meeting on 10th May 2022